Retro gamers…. gather around so I can tell you a tale from your childhood. Where the most exciting thing was getting a new game for your Nintendo, Super Nintendo, or Sega Genesis. A time where going to the grocery store meant you could browse all the gaming magazines and drool over what was coming soon. Going to the mall meant you should bring all your quarters for the arcade.

Adam Yuskis, Host
I have been a gamer my entire life.  From all types of video games, to trading card games, table top gaming, and RPGs.  I've done it all.  Most of my childhood revolved around video games and technology. These were exciting times for me that I have been recapturing lately by collecting many old video games and systems.  I looked at my collection one day and said to myself “I would love to share these memories”. That’s when the idea for this podcast was born.

I will be replaying these games with my co-host Brittany, friends, and family and discussing old memories of the games as well as giving new perspective on them now.

My co-host, Brittany, will be giving a newer perspective on gaming as well as a girl’s perspective, which I have found that you don’t usually hear on a gaming podcast.  

Brittany has always been into gaming and currently plays online RPG's. She enjoys revisiting classic games and playing some for the first time. 

Occasionally we will have special guests or cover things outside of the video game realm and talk about other types of gaming such as board games and card games.

Brittany King, Host

Press Continue Podcast will constantly change and evolve. We like to try new things and are always welcome your feedback and suggestions for the show. Please comment on our shows. This show is for us as well as the fans so we need your feedback.

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